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Food Intolerance Testing. How it works.... 

As a Food Intolerance practitioner I am fully trained to investigate the underlying causes of an intolerance as opposed to just treating the symptoms. This is a completely diagnostic therapy that compliments traditional medicine.

The testing method used is one of several capable of use within the field of Bio-Electronic Regulatory medicine (BER). The machine used is the Mora RM10s, manufactured by Med-Tronic and is registered medical testing equipment under German and European law. It is based on the theory of utilising the acupuncture points on the fingers or toes to measure the body's resistance to substances and establish what food intolerances are present.  

The intolerance test takes approximately one hour and includes a brief questionnaire on the client's medical history to establish what food intolerance symptoms are present.

The client holds an electrode in their hand whilst a probe is placed on an acupuncture point or toe on the opposite side of the body - this places the client in circuit with the machine.

Also in the circuit is a honeycomb, into which samples of the various substances are placed. The resistance of the client to the substance is then noted. 

The method is non-invasive, quick and painless.

The basic intolerance test assesses over 150 foods, E numbers and environmental substances plus a vitamin /mineral deficiency test. The results are immediate.

Additional test kits are available if required.

The results are recorded and advice is given on how to eliminate the offending substances. A re-test is recommended after a period of 8-12 weeks in order to monitor progress. At that appointment advice is given on the safe re-introduction of foods back into clients' everyday diets.

All ages can be tested with the only exceptions being those with pacemakers or Cochlear Implants.

Please note nails need to be clear of any products, but testing is possible on toe nails if required.

Food Intolerance Test Appointments